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Romans 2:2 “We know that God’s judgment agrees with the truth, and his judgment is against those who do these kinds of things.” (CEB)

There are two types of judgments: our judgment and God’s judgment. Our judgment is and always will be flawed because of our imperfection. It cannot agree with the truth.

God’s judgment, on the other hand, is pure because He is pure. God is righteous and cannot have unrighteousness in His presence. Because evil and wrong are the opposite of what and who God is, only God can judge any action that is not righteous.

Since human beings are imperfect and we have the capacity to do wrong, our judgment cannot be correct. It is our very imperfection that disqualifies us from being able to judge based on perfect standards.

God’s judgment agrees with the truth that the actions that are being judged are wrong. If we as humans were to judge those actions, our judgment would not agree with the truth because human beings seldom can agree on anything. Some people will justify a wrong behavior blaming society or some other cause for why these acts are done. Others see nothing wrong with one or more of these actions because they see them as necessary to survive in society.


True judgment can only be rendered by someone whose standard is purity, righteousness and perfection and is himself incapable of doing wrong. The only one that can fit this description is God. Anyone else that attempts to judge without these qualifications is, in essence, taking the place of God and breaking God’s first commandment of not having any other Gods before Him.