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Romans 1:15 That’s why I’m ready to preach the gospel also to you who are in Rome.

????????????????????????????????????Being ready at every opportunity to share the gospel with anyone and everyone should be the believer’s goal. Jesus told his disciples to preach the gospel and to make disciples all over the world. It is the Holy Spirit which works inside the soul of an individual so that they are convicted and accept Christ as Lord and savior of their lives. Our responsibility is to promote the message, to share it with others. Learning how to share the gospel message should be a priority of every Christ-follower.

The gospel is shared with unbelievers but also with believers. Every believer should be ready, willing and able to defend their faith and by sharing with other believers, we build each other up. The gospel is not solely for the lost. Believers take joy in their salvation and every time they hear the message of the gospel proclaimed in a different way, the believer is reminded of his or her faith and this causes an urge to praise God, through the worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Be ready to tell others about your faith. If you are living a Christ-like life, others will be attracted to your life and will probably ask questions.

Being ready to share the gospel involves two things. First, you must be willing to share and second you must know how.

Willingness to do God’s will and work requires submitting to the Lord. You make a conscious decision that you are not doing what you want but what God wants. Take yourself out of the equation. It doesn’t matter whether or not you want to do it. You do it despite what you want. That is submission.

Knowing how to share the gospel message involves reading, studying and understanding why you believe what you believe. There are many books on this subject but it is always a good idea to get with someone who already actively shares the Good News and learn from them.

The important thing is to live your life so that others can see Christ in you and want to ask you about Him. When the right time comes, the Lord himself will give you the words you need.

Be ready.