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Praying for wisdomThe great Solomon asked God for wisdom so why shouldn’t we ask for the same?

We all need wisdom so we should ask God for it. God’s very nature “is to give to everyone”. God wants to give but you must ask in order to receive. He knows what you need but it pleases him when his children ask.

God gives “without a second thought”.  If you are on the right path and ask, he will give you what you ask for without a second thought and without keeping score.  Receiving from God is easy because He does not keep score.  “You do this and I give you that” does not apply to God.  You can’t rack up points with God. You can’t make a deal with God.  He gives freely and he owns everything so there is nothing you can barter with for his favor.

“Wisdom will certainly be given to those who ask.”  “Ask and you will receive.”

The only requirement to receive wisdom or anything else from God is simply to ask.